POL Kurów COA KurówPoland
Stat Polande
Voivodeship Lublin Voivodeship
Powiat Pulawy Powiat
Gmina Kurow Gmina
Peple 2,781 (05.10.2007)
Area 11.33 km²
Density 246 /km²

Kurow (['kuruf], Kurów) beeþ a toun in south-est Polande on þe Kurowka Rivere betwixe Pulawy and Lublin. It conteineþ 2,781 peple and beeþ þe heved burȝe of þe Kurow Gmina, whiche beeþ in Pulawy Powiat, Lublin Voivodeship.


A chirche in Kurów.

Bitwixe 1421 and 1442, Kurów geinede cite riȝtes undere þe Magdeburȝe Laue. It was y-annexed by Austria in 1795, but in 1815 was parte of þe Kinedom of Polande. Its cite chartre was yrevoked in 1870. It haþ ben parte of Polande aneue siþen 1918. In 1939, Germanie assailede it and occupiede it, but the toun beeþ now parte of Polande.

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