Kurowka (Polish Kurówka) is a river in South-East Poland, a right tributary of Vistula River. Its length is 42 kilometres and its basin covers roughly 395,4 km². Its source is located near the village of Piotrowice Wielkie and it joins Vistula in Pulawy.

Because the nitrogen production plant in Pulawy uses the river as the main source of water, it was canalized and separated from Vistula by a system of dams and water-gates. Apart from smaller streams, the river has three main tributaries. Rights tributaries are Bielkowa and Struga of Water. Lefts tributaries are Strumien Olszowiecki and Struga of Kurow.

Notable towns located along the riverEdytuj

  • Garbow
  • Markuszow
  • Kurow
  • Konskowola
  • Pulawy

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